About Me

A versatile videographer and designer with over seven years experience offering a creative mindset on new and exciting projects.  Designs successful digital content that increase brand awareness, engages customers and ultimately drives web traffic and conversions through many different mediums. Constantly striving to learn and adapt new techniques to bring production ideas to life.


Cedar Creek Cannabis LLC

Creative Director | I.T. | Inventory Manager Mar 2019 - Present - View

Cedar Creek Cannabis is an i502 Cannabis Producer/Processor in Vancouver, WA. My job roles on a day to day basis consist of packaging and product design and sourcing, social media and retail marketing, as well as constant management of the CCTV and internal networking for our 3 locations. Upon arrival I designed a brand new website enhancing our branding to show our customers the depth behind Cedar Creek Cannabis and present a professional representation of our products. Following that, I've designed a CBD line leaning towards a very Apothecary feel, as well as updated all of our previous products. The largest part of it all is reducing labor costs and saving money per unit, which we have reduced immensely. The amount of projects, products, and processes we've created and initiated while being here is too many to count. Lastly, I handle all photography and videography regarding our products, social media and marketing thus keeping a cohesive feel from conceptualization to deployment. To learn more about my full scope, please feel free to reach out!

a🍐l - Plant Based Apparel

CEO | Designer 2018

a🍐l is a company my wife and I created to spread our love for the plant-based lifestyle in a fun and family friendly way. From creating the original designs, to implementing them on a web platform I've done it all front to back. We manage the social media and work together to think of creative new designs and collaborations.

Digital Media Northwest

Videographer | Designer March 2016 - Present

Digital Media Northwest is a social media and small video production house in Wenatchee, WA. During my time there I brought clients ideas to life from concept to the final product. From story planning, location scouting to camera operator and editor I've handled it all. My favorite part is bringing the videos to life in post production through emotional editing and color grading. With experience in the entire Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Final Cut Pro, I can pickup in any enviornment. Projects ranging from local restaurants, multi-million dollar school bonds, to Honda commercials geared for Comcast and Charter and Cinema ads. Including winning an overall video contest for a client to promote a brand they sell, CubCadet.

Kendama Co LLC.

Creative Director | C.T.O. 2015-2016

Kendama Co was a Japanese Skill Toy company based in Denver Colorado. I began filming company demos at local events in 2013 and developed a long relationship that involved a 55 minute cross country tour video, and eventually a full time position in Denver. Upon arrival I re-designed the web store experience for both customers and wholesalers, as well as managed the restructre of the internal warehouse order processing. We created trade show material including brocures, and extensive social media video edits revolving around the product.

CannaSol Farms

Creative Director | Processing Manager 2014-2015

I was brought into CannaSol early in 2014 prior to getting their license and was tasked with designing the brand identity. Initially I created the brand logos, website and packaging as well as sourcing the packaging overseas to fit our needs. From there I was tasked with setting up the production facility for managing outgoing orders to retailers. We set up top of the line label printers to meet pricing and change needs on demand. On top of daily processing I managed the overall network, CCTV and social media presence for the brand, as well as document every strain live, dried and packaged for the website.


  • Photoshop (15+ YOE)
  • Premiere (5+ YOE)
  • Illustrator (7+ YOE)
  • HTML/CSS (14+ YOE)
  • Wordpress (12+ YOE)
  • Final Cut Pro (8+ YOE)

No job is too far

I love traveling and bringing my family along to experience the world we have. If you've got a project we can figure a way to make it happen. If you're seeking to employ and everything sounds great, we're always up for an experience! I love learning new things and picking up new software is a breeze. Let's figure out what I can do for you!

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